I Am in Charge of the Party

I mean that I am in charge of the bachelor party and the reason is simple, I do not even have a girlfriend now. Some of the other guys have to keep their phones locked as it and they do not need to get caught search of the best Las Vegas escorts on the web. I actually have something sort of like a girlfriend, except that she seems not to be that interested in being a friend and merely wants me to have sex with her when she feels like it. This is an odd sort of thing actually, even though it sounds awesome when you do not know anything about it. She has no emotional connection and does not want one, so if she is not pleased with my performance she is hardly afraid of hurting my feelings. Then when she feels like telling me to get lost, that is exactly what she does. The weird thing is that she seems to still be obsessed with her old boyfriend. I get the feeling he might wake up one night with her standing over him with a hatchet, so I am okay if she feels nothing like that for me.

At any rate I need strippers, but stripper who take their clothes off on a budget. Everyone is supposed to kick in a few bucks, but so far that does not seem to add up to the sort of money it takes to get even one of these girls to part with a blouse or a schoolgirl skirt. Of course you need a place for the party, preferably one where the cops will not come busting in as soon as it starts to get a little loud. Then you need beer and booze, I figure that two kegs would be enough and about half a case of liquor.

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