Give a New Boost of Beauty to Your Eyes Through Eyebrow Tattoos

Your eyes and eyebrows are one of the first things that are noticed in your face. But sadly, not everyone has the picture perfect eyebrows that they will love to have. There can be any number of factors ranging from over tweezing, medical conditions, to genetics that can make you have sparse or no eyebrow hair. Many people also suffer from the issue that their eyebrow hair is too light in color to be noticeable.

None of these problems need to bother you any further thanks to the advent of the new-age Korean eyebrow embroidery. In this cosmetic procedure, ink gets injected into the skin to darken, fill in, or createthe eyebrow. Though, any of the before mentioned reasons can be good enough for you to want this cosmetic procedure, many people get it done purely because it looks great.

The Longevity and Pigmentation of Eyebrow Tattoos

The eyebrow tattoos can last a lifetime or a few years depending on how and from where you have got it done. In the initial two weeks, eyebrow tattoo Korea looks darker than the actual color it will get in the end. The healing time is around ten to fourteen days, and after the area peals, the actual color of the tattoo is revealed. This color will definitely be lighter than the previous color that you saw on your eyebrows. If the appearance after peeling off is not something you like, you can let the professional know and get his/her suggestions on what you should do.

The way to extend the life of eyebrow embroidery Korea is by going for touch-ups. Touch-ups can be done every few years to every six months depending on your convenience and the condition of your tattoo. The touch-ups are all about addressing the color-lightning issues of eyebrows by adding some more pigments to redefine the look.

The Pain Threshold and Other Details

One of the main queries that people have is regarding whether the process is painful or not. The answer to this question varies as some people find it painful and some do not as it depends on their pain threshold. However, if you are scared that it will be painful to you, tell the professional beforehand to apply some local anesthetic before starting with the tattooing. The local anesthetic is applied as a cream or spray before starting the procedure.

Exercise extreme caution while choosing the professional to do the tattoo for you as a novice can ruin your entire look. Make sure that the person has experience in eyebrow tattooing and not the normal tattooing. It is best to go for someone experienced about the job.

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